Our Approach

At The Nature Nursery at Flo’s, we believe passionately that all children are competent and capable thinkers and learners and that nature provides the most amazing resources to support children’s wellbeing and development – physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual. Nobody knows what the future will bring, so the children of today have to be skilled, resilient and open-minded.

Our staff are highly experienced, qualified and enthusiastic. They are inspiring people who will support your child’s creative expression, introducing children (and parents who are interested!) to skills such as felting, woodwork and weaving. We want children to be fully engaged with the life of the kindergarten, learning life  skills such as baking bread, cooking soup and caring for plants.

Your children are the artists, scientists, farmers and engineers of the future. Outdoor play has been shown to have many benefits: children can explore and take risks in a safe environment, pursue their natural curiosity and build the foundations for a lifelong love of learning. We want children to appreciate nature and grow to love and care for it. Inquisitive young minds will find a lot to explore in our lovely garden, whether this is watching a spider spin her web, searching for millipedes hiding under a rock or just having a rest under the blossom of our apple tree. Our children will be involved in planting food and tending the crops in harmony with the seasons. We also hope to make good use of the park and develop links with local projects, such as The City Farm and Elder Stubbs Allotments.