Florence Park Bowling Pavilion

The former bowling pavilion in Florence Park  has been left standing empty for several years. Flo’s has now taken on a ten year lease from the City Council of the building and is planning on transforming the building to be suitable for community use. Over the years, the space has fallen into disrepair,  so the first step is to fix up the building so it can be used and ensure it meets current building standards. We have raised money from the social Enterprise Support Fund, and also from Power to Change, to install heating to the previously very cold building, put in insulation, improve the lighting and the interior decoration. We are also adding in an extra door so that the pavilion can be access from Flo’s site, allowing for night time access when the park is locked.

Our plans for the pavilion are to create 3 spaces that can be used for the community. These include:

  1. A community groups space which will host peer groups, supportive community groups, and public service provision. We will also rent the space out for courses, classes, and parties.
  2. The two former changing rooms have been transformed into consultation rooms that can be hired out on a half-day basis and would be perfect for therapists, counselling appointments, 1:1 classes or rehearsals.
  3. The former kiosk is being turned into a commercial production kitchen. Flo’s is currently helping 2 small new social enterprises set up, and the kitchen will provide them with their first home. To find out more about Damascus Rose Kitchen and NoViceIce see here: Flo’s Social Enterprise Incubation – Flo’s | The Place in The Park (flosoxford.org.uk)