THANK YOU to all our supporters who have helped to make it possible to open Flo’s. It has been an enormous community effort, and would have not happened were it not for these fantastic people giving generously of their support, ideas, time, skills, money, belongings, friendship and more…

All our shareholders, members, steering group past and present and trustees – for making it happen.  There are too many to mention but see the “our team” page for details. 

Brendan Rolle-Rowan – Plainlaw Solicitors – for fantastic pro-bono support on the leases – a gargantuan piece of work the size of which no one imagined beforehand.

Dan Wadsworth (Jessops and Cook) – for going beyond the extra mile with the building project management – and general enthusiasm and support

Brian and team from DH Builders – for doing a good job and keeping a sense of humour.

Craig Jennings from Bojen Electrical – for a doing a great job and endless patience.

Chris Bell and team from Oxford City Council greenspace team for support.

All our volunteers – you know who you are – too many to name!

All our grant funders to date : Oxfordshire Community Foundation, St. Michaels and All Saints Trust, The Big Lottery Fund.  CAG We are very grateful.

Stig – for fantastic pro bono design work, patience advice and support.

Ethex – for support with the community shares scheme.

Councillors: Cllr Tidball, Cllr Evans, Cllr Simm, Cllr Henwood  Cllr Sanders for support at many levels.

Wynter Blathwayt of Gyroscope for the probono design and hosting of our beautiful website.

Maurice McCartney (Fresh management solutions) for early business planning advice and support.

Sarah Steele from Old Station Nursery Group for all kinds of advice and support.

Oxford Wood Recycling – for cost price wood for our community wall.

Susie Dadd for design and loan of her lovely trees for the opening.

The Isis Midwives Team – for being great subtenants, very patient and continuing their excellent service to the community throughout.

Will Pouget – for being inspirational, patient and having faith – as well as setting up the delicious cafe with expertise, lovely staff and minimal fuss.

Phil Pritchard (Oxford City Farm) for loan of the pressure washer and generally being a good egg.

To staff (employed and freelance) who have all worked way beyond their hours and gifted their time and enthusiasm – you know who you are too!