The words and tune from ‘In the bleak midwinter’ are in my head.  The news is full of awful stories, the nights are long and cold.  So many people seem ill or depressed.  With the many ways in which news can reach us it is hard to switch off, and social media is full of opinions, judgement and anger.  Even the birds are suffering right now with avian flu!  The longest darkest night is right before Christmas – and this year even the moon will be dark on the Winter solstice.   

And yet there is beauty everywhere, and  I see people are doing small and big acts of kindness.  Our café at Flo’s is full of smiles and warmth.  The birds are appreciating bird feeders in gardens.  The winter sun shines a low reflected light that, if you can just get outside and notice, gives trees without leaves a special beauty.  Many of us are planning to surprise loved ones with gifts, or will be gatherings with good food on our table, raising our glasses. 

Our friends at Oxford Community Action are planning to provide a Christmas Day meal for those that would like to join.  No questions asked.  Anyone can come along. 

Or if you have no room at your table, or you have no table, it is easy to be included and include one more in your plans by making a donation.  By donating just £10 you will be sharing your Christmas dinner with others.   I just have.   It’s easy and takes just two minutes.  You can donate here. 

Annie  Davy, 20th December 2022


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