Oxfordshire Social Enterprise Partnership

Flo’s is proud to be an Oxford Social Enterprise Partnership Hub! OSEP has been established to support and promote Social Enterprises, social entrepreneurs, enterprising charities and purposeful businesses in Oxfordshire. 

The eScalate programme has been created by OSEP and OxLEP, delivering European funded support for enterprising charities, social enterprises, purposeful businesses and social entrepreneurs. 

The programme can support you to develop new business models and products to boost productivity, and grow your organisation.

eScalate support programme

As part of the eScalate programme, support is offered to charities and social businesses across Oxfordshire. Support includes:

  • Specialist 1:1 support
  • Facilitated peer to peer support
  • Leadership and Business Sustainability webinars & workshops
  • Social Enterprise Hubs (like us!)

Find out more about what  the eScalate programme could help you with here  or get in touch with Rosie at rosie@osep.org.uk

There are 6 eScalate Social Enterprise Hubs across the county including Flo’s, The Place in the Park:

  • Oxford City (west): Tap Social Movement
  • Oxford City (east): Aspire @ Flo’s, The Place in the Park
  • Oxford City (north): CAG @ Makespace
  • Oxford City (centre): Oxford Hub
  • Bicester: Eco Centre

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