Nature-based activities for children- a booklet of fun ideas for rain or shine.

A book packed full of amazing nature activities, we hope this booklet will help explorers of all ages have fun and learn outdoors. Learn three simple but super-useful knots, build a den, make a hammock, identify the footprints of common Oxford animals, make art from found objects  recognise familiar flowers, build a bug bedroom, identify some common insects and try out basic foraging. Or…its a bit wet outside, try the Rainy Day Bingo game.

The booklet introduces lots of fun activities to try out, rain or shine, with clear instructions alongside 80 beautiful illustrations by Stig. Perfect for a weekend outside.

In May this year we were happy to launch  Flo’s first in-house publication created by Victoria and Stig. Over fifty explorer packs were created and given to local families to encourage outdoor adventures, which are great for body and mind. This booklet makes a great gift and you can buy one for a donation in the refill shop, or download your own copy here.

You can  pick your copy at one of our Nature Explorers Sessions, or in the Refill shop or you can download your free copy right here: Download Outdoor Explorers booklet by Flo’s


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